Earlier this week, I put up post a titled Don’t give up, and I referred to how thankful I was for the ability to read and write. Primarily, as reading enabled me to read the Bible, first and foremost and then written works by others for encouragement. Shortly after putting up that post, I saw an Instagram post by a reader and a friend who has an amazing ability to take one on, a journey of faith,inspiration and insight as he re-tells Bible stories. His weekly Monday posts are titled – Monday X-presso.

I was super encouraged as I read through his piece. It was no coincidence. In fact, as someone once quipped, coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous! It echoed brilliantly the message behind Don’t give up. It would be remiss of me not to share his blogpost with you. Ekpo Ezechinyere blogs regularly at http://thekingdomgalaxy.com/monday-x-presso-tomorrow/ Please click on the link to read. I hope you are truly lifted by this double dose of encouragement.

Thanks for reading.

Emi x