Hi there, so glad you stopped by.


My name is Emilola Shyllon. I am a wife and mum of two and I live in sunny UK (OK, maybe not so sunny!). I love to write, create things with my hands and I also love to encourage people. Beyond all these, I absolutely adore encountering the truth of the Bible and sharing its transformative revelations with others. My innermost desire is to encourage and creatively inspire people through the Word of God.


Psalms 68:11 AMPC states “The Lord gives the word [of power]; the women who bear and publish [the news] are a great host.” It is an unbelievable privilege and honour to be able to share the word of power given by the Lord. It will be one of my highest joys if the words of this blog serve to inspire and impact someone in their walk of faith or lead another to encounter the great love and grace of God. That is what compels me to write and hopefully share insights gained and Truth encountered.


Our daily lives are often fraught with care and competing concerns for our attention, and the pressure feels unrelenting. We may at times hear in our hearts, a whisper of Jesus’ direction to his disciples in Mark 6:31 NIV “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest”, but it is easier said than done. At least, that’s how I sometimes feel.


My prayer is that amidst the digital landscape, The Wellspring Place, becomes an oasis for your soul. As you linger on its pages and connect or reconnect to Jesus – The True Wellspring, I pray that you will find moments of calm and clarity; and in doing so, receive the strength and energy to fulfil your purpose.


I have authored two books, both 31- day devotionals; Springs of Living Water and Hope, My Soul’s Anchor. I look forward to engaging with you.



Every Blessing