DNA deck of cards

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A deck of cards to encourage, inspire, and increase your sense of value and worth. The DNA ( Desired Not Abandoned) deck of cards contains 52 cards which you can carry around and read at any time. A quick pick me up, the themes move from simple assurances that you and your voice maters, to reminders of how valued you are.

The DNA deck of cards were designed as a stand alone or can be used with the DNA Journal. These cards make great gifts whatever the occasion, excellent bookmarks or lunch box notes for your loved ones.

Delivery is currently only available in the UK. For delivery outside of the UK, please email  thewellspringplace@gmail.com and we can work out the best way to get the cards to you.


6 reviews for DNA deck of cards

  1. A. SONIA

    The cards were gifted to me and i found it very refreshing to read . Thank you for creating them

  2. Fumosh

    A perfect accompaniment to the DNA journal, this deck of cards give you timely, portable short beams of hope into our souls.

    The design is sleek and the cards are sturdy. I love that each card has its own DNA watermarked stamp so I can gift individual cards within the deck.

    I put up a card and can carry one around as well.

    Very highly recommended.

  3. Marion Palmer

    A deck of cards with a difference! And how! So professionally produced, but much more than this these cards are truly inspirational. Just the right amount of words which themselves have an anointing on them. You will be blessed by using them – or by giving them as a gift.

  4. Detola

    The design, the words, I love everything about the DNA deck. I intend to use personally for meditation and with my kids to encourage conversation about our identity and who we are in Christ.

    I recommend to everyone.

  5. Hannah

    Beautiful. I gave a deck as a gift to my sister and she said they were just what she needs to give her some daily encouragement! x

  6. Tola

    I find this inspiring and every card seems to have the right words for the moment.

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